Al Jumairah Oil & Gas Services

AL Jumairah for Engineering and General Contracting, include a total of set of competencies and expertise from Iraq and the world in the field of oil and  gas industry.

Where AL Jumairah group registered in most of the oil sector companies as the main contractor to conduct all business relating to its competences and purpose that has been created for him to provide the best business according to international Accredited Standards.

AL Jumairah Company doing the following affairs

  • Civil engineering contracting and construction business

  • Design and extending the processing of oil and gas pipelines transport

  • The business of designing and implementing the transfer of energy to the various kinds of Pipelines

  • Infrastructure projects, oil and gas business

  • Design & Implementation for Oil & Gas Projects

AL Jumairah Oil & Gas

As well as contracts executed for the Ministry of Oil with Midland Oil Company. AL Jumairah Company joint cooperation with the Midland Oil Company to complete the project EPC pipeline 􀀭ow of oil wells linked with the gas isolating lines and transportation of crude oil terminal first and second.

AL Jumairah Oil & Gas Projects

the Company has Joint Cooperation in engineering works with Broujta Company working on the second line in a field east of Baghdad in Midland Oil Company.

AL Jumairah Company have joint cooperation to carry out testing and safety with INRTAK Company regard to the actions of oil check and crude and natural gas, materials  and equipment, and the issuance of examination certificates International and internationally recognized through its laboratories and global deployed in Iraq and the world.

The company has rehabilitated and installed equipment to natural gas in electrical power stations in Nasiriyah, and the center directors AL Sader gas power station and the Jerusalem Electricity production.

AL Jumairah Company offers logistical support to the company in the transportation and insurance of all goods and cargo operations inside and outside the country.

AL Jumairah Oil & Gas


In 1999

The business was expanded to carry out construction in addition to Processing of and implementation and design (EPC)

Our specialty:

  • works to prepare electric power stations
  • The erection and equipping of steam boilers
  • The business of processing and installation of steam boilers at refineries
  • processing and implementation of all the backup material from the origins of the global electrical power plants – and oil refineries – and cement plants
  • Rehabilitation units of oil refineries
  • The implementation of processing and installation of cement plants Equipment
  • Processing of all types of pipes

.Processing of all types of valves-

.control and measurement devices-

.pipeline Processing of bushings for oil wells-