ALjumairah was established in 2009 with a capital 3,000,000,000 billion dinars, then as a result of its great activity and the Iraqi market’s need for companies with large capitals, jumairah increased its capital to 5,000,000,000 billion dinars.

Taha Nuhair Hussein

The founder



providing a work environment conducive to creativity and providing the services that the customers need in the fields (Construction, Oil & Gas, Land & Sea transport, and Information Technology) to the fullest, to contribute for advancing the national economic forward.


Trust  Excellence Commitment Determination Integrity.


AL JUMAIRAH’s vision is to lead and alter AL JUMAIRAH into a reputable  international firm over the next 10 years to complete the cycle of safe haven towards a strong homeland capable of facing economic challenges.

Markets & Industries

Directly or via Multiple Award Contract

Procurement & Subcontracting

Highly successful

Healthcare ► Senior Living ► Life Sciences ► Retail ► Government ► Industrial ► Higher Education ► K-12 ► Mixed-Use ► Office & Hdqtrs ► Transportation ► Hospitality ► Warehouse ► & Distribution

Contributing to the balance of a growing Economy

Skills-based and Empowered:
A Privately-owned and managed Company, foresee business as an economic empowerment; creating more opportunities. Our rating is testimony to our philosophy.

Corporate Responsibility (Health & Safety):
Al Jumairah will not compromise the quality and the health and safety of all our staff and the environment.  Protective gear when handling Construction, chemicals and all statutory precautionary measures are engaged.

Bid Packaging (Quality):
Focus on quality, cost efficiency and timely completion and competitive pricing. Detailed scopes are written to avoid gaps and duplication Schedule requirements are clearly defined.

Why AlJumairah ?

An innovator and specialized in Management & services, Aljumairah brings reliability and integrity to your project – because we’ve built our reputation on using proven quality products and dedicated, professional service.

Our Time, Cost and Quality Restoration Programme has been specially developed to ensure that every possibility for improvement on your site is thoroughly investigated and reported on. Decentralized structure promotes enthusiasm and accountability. Best and brightest engineers recruited.

Personnel cross-trained in all construction systems & services specialized corporate services.

► General Construction Services
► Mechanical & Electrical
► Cost Engineering
► Scheduling
► Equipment Yard Operations
►  Oil Services

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